What To Avoid On A Ketogenic Diet: List Of Foods To Avoid On A Keto Diet

What can you not eat on keto?

If you are highly interested in following a proper diet plan then you should be aware of all the foods which you should be consuming every day or not. You should be looking at the calorie count when you are consuming anything and check all the nutritional information about it. This article is definitely going to help you in selecting the right food which you should be consuming in your keto diet. You might be knowing very much about the foods that you can actually have in your keto diet but you should also know about the list of foods that you can't eat on a keto diet that can prove to be harmful to you if you are interested in staying in a ketosis state.

You should be going for the force which is going to be-hundred percent beneficial and there should be no side effects of any kind. This is the reason that you should be completely aware and here are some foods which you do not take in your keto diet.


Some main foods that you should be avoiding in your keto diet are given below:

  • Fruits

You might be thinking that fruits are a very healthy thing but you should also know that they are just carbohydrates and sugars. You should be checking the nutritional information about the fruit which you are consuming on a regular basis.

Fruit juices and fruit smoothies also come in that category only e and you should be staying away from such things. If you want to know about the fruits which are having less sugar content then you can consume blueberries, blackberries and raspberries.

  • Starchy vegetables

You can consume limited vegetables only and you should be completely avoiding all the vegetables that grow under the ground. Those vegetables are having a high amount of carbs than fibre. Such list of foods that you can't eat on a keto diet should be avoided when you are on your ketogenic diet and they include potato, sweet potatoes and corn as well. You also have to avoid carrot, Cherry tomatoes because all the vegetables are having high starch which means that they are having a high amount of carbohydrates and they will just be increasing your weight.

  • Grains

We all know that in kurta right you just have to consume only a few carbohydrates and grains are made of carbohydrates mainly. This is the main reason that you should start avoiding them and you will not be able to follow a low carb diet when you are consuming them on a regular basis. Wheat, barley, rice, corn, millet are a few examples of grains that you should be not taking in your keto diet.

  • Sugars

When you are in your key to process then you should definitely avoid sugar that comes in the list of foods that you can't eat on a keto diet and for that, you will have to avoid all the drinks, fruit juice, sports drink. All these packaged drinks are going to be harmful to you and they are just made of sugar and nothing more is added in them. You should also be staying away from candies, cakes, cookies, sweets, chocolates and breakfast cereal. We sugary things can easily slow down your keto process and you will not be able to get maximum results. If you want to check if there is hidden sugar added in the product then you can definitely check the level of the item and it has all the information for you. You should also try to avoid artificial sweeteners.

  • Beans

They are having only a few amounts of nutrients and fibre but if you are in your ketogenic diet properly then you will have to avoid them because they are also having a great amount of starch. Due to this reason, they are also having a high amount of carbohydrates and this is why you should avoid them including legumes as well.

Sweetened yogurt can also be a bad choice if you are going to consume it regularly. You should be consuming plain yoghurt only because it is having limited sugars. There is Greek yogurt as well which is having a higher amount of protein and it is also lower and carbohydrates which can definitely be healthy.

These are the list of foods that you can't eat on a keto diet which you should be avoiding in your ketogenic diet and sometimes it can become difficult to avoid these foods but you will have to try hard and then only you will be able to get some excellent results within the minimum possible time duration. Apart from this we should also avoid alcohol on a keto diet as it breaks your ketosis process and weight loss journey.

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