What are the first signs of prostate problems?

Sign of Prostate Problems
Sign of Prostate Problems

First Signs Of Prostate Problems

The prostate is a gland located between the penis and the bladder in men. As a part of the male reproductive system, the main function of the prostate gland is to secrete a fluid that provides nourishment to the sperms. The fluid thus secreted constitutes a part of the seminal fluid released during ejaculation. The prostate also aids in sending the semen out of the penile opening. There are several problems related to the prostate gland that can occur throughout a man’s life wherein more pronounced prostate problems manifest themselves during old age.

Prostate Problems

There are multiple problems related to the prostate gland. Most of them have been listed below:

  • Prostate Cancer– It is cancer that develops in the male prostate. Being the most common type of cancer in men, it can remain contained in the prostate if the treatment starts early but may spread to other parts over the course of the illness.

First Signs– Pain during urination, difficulty in commencing and ending urination, recurrent urges to urinate.


  • Prostate Enlargement– This is a problem that almost all men suffer from after hitting 50. It is marked by abnormal enlargement of the prostate due to cellular multiplication. The problem is more of an obstruction to a normal lifestyle than a problem in and of itself.

First Signs– Uncontrollable urge to urinate, abnormally frequent urination.


  • Prostatitis– The problem marked by the inflammation of the prostate gland, it could be due to bacterial infection, immunity problems and injury to the prostate. Painful urination is a common symptom of this disease.

First Signs– Pelvic and lower abdominal pain, painful urination, blood in urine, fever.

Natural Solutions for Prostate Problems


  • Prostate Cancer

Once occurred, Prostate Cancer can only be treated by chemotherapy and subsequent cancer treatment. But some precautions can be taken to reduce the chances of cancer. Some of them are:

  1. Consume a balanced diet that is low in fats
  2. Eat more fruits and vegetables
  3. Normal weight must be maintained
  4. Exercise at least 4 days a week


  • Prostate Enlargement

There are a few natural remedies that one can follow to rid themselves of prostate enlargement. They are:

  1. Do not consume alcohol and caffeine without regulation
  2. Do not ingest too many liquids at once, space the consumption
  3. Saw Palmetto, a palm tree extract, can help in relieving the symptoms
  4. Create a urination schedule and find time to go to the lavatory even when urination is not urgent
  5. Surgery should be opted for if the symptoms do not settle


  • Prostatitis

The solutions or the treatment of prostatitis must depend on the cause.

  • Bacterial Prostatitis

The solutions for this type must involve the use of anti-biotic medicines as prescribed by a medical professional. The use of anti-inflammatory drugs can also aid in killing the pain and relieving other symptoms. Proper diet and exercise can also help. If the symptoms persist, surgical operation may be required.

  • Non- bacterial Prostatitis

In this condition, no bacteria are involved and therefore the solution follows no use of anti-biotic medicines. Instead, alpha-blockers are used to combat pain. Other methods of dealing with this remain the same as the Bacterial kind.


Signs of Prostate
Signs of Prostate
Body reaction to treatment for prostate problems


  • In the case of prostate cancer

In this particular instance, the preventive measures may or may not reduce the chances of cancer but one’s best bet is to follow the measures especially if someone in the family has already been affected by it especially a direct relative such as father or grandfather.

  • Case of an enlarged prostate

All the remedies, especially the use of saw palmetto has shown a positive and long-lasting impact on the body. The surgical method also ensures a highly effective treatment but yet again is subject to the professional doing it.

  • In the case of prostatitis

The use of anti-biotic in the case of bacterial infection is extremely important and the body may exhibit a few side-effects to the use of the same. But it is imperative to make use of the same, sometimes even as a preventive measure for non-bacterial prostatitis.


The successful treatment of distinct prostate problems yields multiple benefits. They are enlisted as:

  • Reduction in prostate swelling
  • No pain in the pelvic region and abdominal region
  • No blood as seen during urination
  • Less frequent urge to urinate
  • No chills and fever
  • Inflammation gets under control



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