How To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment?

How To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment
How To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment

How To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment?

Is your monthly electricity bill in apartment giving you a shock? Are you longing to save that extra buck? If yes, then stick around to read further. Hefty electricity bills are one of the most significant problems that people face. Most of us have so many appliances operating in our houses, all at the same time, which it is inevitable not to get an expensive bill. It is only natural to want to save on electricity, and the only solution to this seems to be switching off the appliances. If you are someone who always thought that this is the only solution then now is the time you got your mind blown with innumerable ways in which one can save on electricity bill in apartment. Although our focus here will remain on reducing the electricity bill for apartments, most of these hacks can also be applied to houses in general.


Why we get insane electricity bill in the apartment?


  • Using many energy-hogging vampire appliances

You might be oblivious about the appliances that you use. Some of them hog energy and bleed your electricity dry. However, this is one of the reasons that cause a spike in your electricity bill in the apartment.

  • Living in houses or apartments that are not well insulated

If the apartment that you are living in is not well insulated, then it is a matter of concern. We seldom realize that lack of insulation is housing one of the significant reasons why spiked up electricity bills exist.

  • You think you have turned off the device, but you haven’t.

You may press the off button on your appliance, but if it is still connected to the socket, then it might not be off at all. The best that you can do is ensure that every time you turn it “off”, it is entirely disconnected.

But knowing the causes behind an exceedingly high bill will fall short of curbing the problem. What you truly need to do is to mitigate each problem and troubleshoot them all one by one. To aid you to do that, we have compiled a list of 10 ways that can help you to save on electricity bill in apartment. Let’s begin:


Top 10 Best Ways To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment
Top 10 Best Ways To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment



10 Best Ways To Save on Electricity Bill in Apartment


  • Upgrade your appliances 

A massive chunk of the reason that we get an enormous electricity bill in apartment is because of the appliances that we use. Generally, outdated technology consumes more electricity as compared to newer, more sophisticated tech. These appliances take the money right out of your pocket. It is also unsafe to use them as they may show any fault at any time.

  • Prevent using energy-sucking appliances 

We seldom realize that not all the appliances that we use in our houses consume the same amount of electricity. Some of them are extensively energy-consuming, whereas others take only a few watts out of daily electricity consumption.

Several appliances like toasters, air conditioners, geysers, television, desktop computers, electric toothbrush, and refrigerator are but a few examples. Even though many of these appliances are indispensable to our daily use, but it is essential to use them judiciously so that you can save that extra dollar. Stay strict against the use of vampire appliances as they get that meter running.

  • Change your consumption habits and always look for better alternatives.

Are you someone who cringes at the thought of leaving a fan open when you're not in the room? If indeed that is the case, then you're hinging in the right direction. It is essential to have a positive energy-saving habit as it is the most crucial part of saving electricity and reducing the bill thereof. The number one reason why most of us get a startlingly high bill is that we don't keep our appliance operating habit in check.

Surely you cannot keep your refrigerator turned off, but that is not the case with every single instrument. For instance, you can use toasters only once in a while or maybe not use them at all and look for better alternatives. Many people are old school and find it challenging to accept better newer tech that brings with it faster and more sophisticated functioning. This view needs to eradicate.


Lower Your Electricity Bill in Apartment
Lower Your Electricity Bill in Apartment



  • Buy LED appliances

Most LED appliances consume fewer watts of electricity. The number is somewhere around 5 to 10 watts. Using this is the best way to save on electricity. These use 75% less electricity and last for 25 more times than incandescent lights. These are super-high efficiency products and must be used in place of every other lighting equipment. Alternatively, you can use BLDC fans, and these are also very good when it comes to saving electricity and cutting costs.

  • Go for Solar Panels

Getting solar panels for your apartment will be akin to making an initial investment. It might be costly at first, but it will undoubtedly yield significant benefits in the long run. Solar Panels help you get free electricity, and the only cost is that of its maintenance and installation.

Solar power does not require any net-metering approval. Therefore, This means that you only pay for the deficit power consumed. So, basically whatever part of your consumption comes from the panels is taken out your overall consumption to arrive at one number. You need not pay for more than this. If you chose to use only solar panels, then your bill will come out to be zero!

  • Get energy-saving apps

You got it right, and there are energy-saving apps that keep a check on your energy consumption levels and guide you in the right direction. These apps are so insightful that they support energy-saving endeavours like no other. You will never have to worry about saving another extra penny on electricity. Apps such as Energy Cost Calculator and Energy Consumption Analyser are smart apps that can help you save various dollars on your monthly electricity bill in apartment.

  • Maintain your appliances

Are you someone who does not believe in spending on maintenance of your appliances? If yes, then you might be making a mistake. Appliances consume less electricity only when they are up to mark. If there is any fault in them or they are worn out, then they will not work efficiently. Long-term appliances such as refrigerator, AC, thermostat, etc. need to be looked after. It is crucial to managing them when required. It is vital to get them serviced at an appropriate frequency.

  • Layer up instead of using the thermostat

Unless it is quite cold, the preference would be to layer up instead of wasting money on electricity consumed by a thermostat. Constant use of a thermostat is very electricity-consuming, and it might just be the reason your bill is shooting up every month. The best thing you can do is to wear a few extra layers and give your thermostat some rest.

Since thermostat adjusts to the change the current temperature to the desired temperature but at the same time the range that it has to cover also matters, if the thermostat has to adjust to various degrees of deviation in temperature, then it will consume more electricity. So, if you live somewhere super-cold, try to take temperature only up enough to be bearable and for comfort opt for other alternatives.

  • Use a water heater at low temperatures.

We do not need water heaters all year round. But even during winters, do not operate your heater at high temperatures as they may cause a surge in electricity usage. You need to reduce your electricity bill in apartment and not to use the heater at high temp is one way to do that.

We often do not realize this but using any appliance at its full potential consumes more watts of electricity than operating it at lower potential. The duration of usage also matters. If you keep the water heater on for more extended periods, then that will consume more electricity. Insulation here is the key, and if you keep the area around the heater insulated, then you can save much more on electricity bill in apartment.

  • Select a prepaid plan

Believe it or not, but electricity plans can also be prepaid. In these, you only have to pay for the electricity you use, and you can transmogrify your consumption habits based on how much you have paid before a month. Moreover, this is one of the best ways to measure your consumption and track your consumption pattern. Via this, you will understand your budget better and set it according to your capacity to pay.

  • Purchase energy star appliances

You spend so much on buying a suitable appliance, and we suggest you buy the best because this investment will go a long way. High star rating on devices indicates their energy-saving nature. Make sure you only pick appliances that have a high star rating. These appliances give the same level of performance at the same size and capacity as other high performing appliances. Still, the only difference is that these consume far lesser electricity than they do. In simple words, these appliances are efficient. It would be best if you always bought more significant devices such as TV, AC, and refrigerators by looking at the star-rating on them. The preference should be to buy the ones with a rating higher than 3.

At the end of it all, any tech can only bear certain levels of benefit. In such instances, it is crucial to be mindful and take appropriate measures to save on electricity bill in apartment. We can almost guarantee that following these measures will diminish the bill that has been troubling you for so long. So, wipe that worry off your visage and follow these guidelines to save on every extra buck.


Lower Your Electricity Bill in Apartment





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