How to Boost Metabolism after Thyroidectomy? | Losing Weight with Hypothyroidism

How to boost metabolism after thyroidectomy
How to boost metabolism after thyroidectomy

How to boost Metabolism after Thyroidectomy?

Our body has complex organ functions to ensure its survival. Every single organ has some vital role to play in the mechanics of our body. However, Thyroid glands provide an essential task to regulate the metabolism of our body. Moreover, It is a butterfly-shaped organ located at the basal level of your neck. Thyroidectomy is a surgical process for removing thyroid glands. However, this removal could be partial or complete depending upon the medical issue. Thyroid glands are best known for producing two essential hormones, namely T3 (Triiodothyronine) and T4 (Thyroxine). These essential hormones play a crucial role in controlling every aspect of metabolism from heart rate to calorie-burning rate. As a result, it becomes imperative to boost metabolism after Thyroidectomy for healthy weight management.


Who should go through Thyroidectomy?

Thyroidectomy is a surgical solution to treat thyroid disorders. Moreover, For example, Thyroid Cancer, Goiter, Hypothyroidism (Underactive Thyroid), Hyperthyroidism (Overactive Thyroid), and Thyroid nodules. If any person is suffering from any of these health issues, then Thyroidectomy is the perfect treatment for such disorders.

The removal of thyroid glands depend upon the problems you are facing? If it's treatable by removing a partial gland, then you will do OK, but if the whole gland is removed, then you have to replace your thyroid hormones to regulate metabolic rate effectively. On the other hand, Doctor’s ensures that it’s common to gain weight up to 20-30 pounds after Thyroidectomy.


What to expect after Thyroidectomy?

There are two most important factors that you have to consider after Thyroidectomy, which follows weight gain and slow metabolism. Both have an equally challenging aspect which means metabolism and overweight are interconnected with each other. So, we have to consider both factors of thyroid glands. Almost every patient starts gaining weight irregularly. Doctors suggest gaining weight after Thyroidectomy is a common trait. Therefore, we have to discuss both aspects to deliver a perfect solution:

  1. Weight gaining is the result of a slow metabolic rate. Metabolism is a necessary process that helps to convert the food we eat into an energy resource for performing several bodily functions, for example, breathing, cellular bursts, physical movements, etc. Whenever we talk about weight loss metabolism plays an essential role by contributing to calories burn. So, you can say metabolism is our body’s engine for producing energy for several activities. When we are talking about the metabolic rate, we intend to increase the calorie-burning rate for higher production of power to maintain ideal body weight. The slow metabolic rate is often responsible for overweight in thyroid patients. But to fix this issue, we have to take several things in our account, for example, RMR (Resting Minimum Rate), TEE (Thermal Effect of Exercise), TEF (Thermal Effect of Food), and NEAT (Non-exercise Activity Thermogenesis).
  2. The slow metabolic rate is the result of hormonal imbalance caused by Thyroidectomy. In Doctor’s opinion, weight gaining is a common attribute of a thyroid patient but treating it, is entirely out of option. That’s why we are providing you with the right knowledge on boosting metabolism after Thyroidectomy to maintain healthy body weight. When your thyroid glands are removed, then our body experiences a hormonal imbalance due to the lack of sufficient regulating hormone for our metabolism. As a result, our metabolic rate alleviates because the system to support our metabolism is wholly removed. So, we have to depend on synthetic hormones proposed to us after Thyroidectomy. To maintain our metabolic rate, we have to take such medicines regularly. But apart from that, we have to make drastic changes in our diet as well to support such hormones properly. But believe me, if the synthetic drugs aren’t that effective, then you can follow our recommended methods explained in detailed view for further assistance.


Who should go through Thyroidectomy


How Thyroidectomy affects our metabolism?

Thyroid organs produce a particular hormone to regulate our body’s metabolic rate. So, it’s obvious the removal of thyroid glands will affect our metabolism negatively. No doubt, thyroid glands provide the regulatory bodies which ensure the satisfactory functioning of metabolic rate. However, it is firmly believed that the thyroid provides the natural hormones necessary to maintain the metabolic levels to perform a sufficient role in weight management.

To clarify, if our thyroid glands don’t produce enough hormones to meet metabolic requirements, then our body starts to experience several problems for example fatigue, muscle weakness, constipation, cognitive issues, and sensitivity to the cold. When people talk about metabolism, they often associate it with weight loss or obesity, but it serves several other purposes rather than weight management. Thyroid disorders like Hypothyroidism and Hyperthyroidism may cause weight gain up to 5-10, but more than that should be an alarming bell for you.


New Diet to boost metabolism after Thyroidectomy

Diet is an essential part of boosting metabolism as it helps to keep our metabolic cycle running for energy production. After Thyroidectomy, you have to understand metabolic is no longer your chain of command which makes it hard to regulate or utilize it correctly. As a result, our body starts gaining excessive weight in the absence of a metabolic rate. This new dietary system involves time and vital sources to assist in reinventing your metabolic rate naturally. Listed below are some crucial points read it carefully

  • The right time to eat plays an essential role in boosting metabolism. Dieticians have recommended that eating at the right time will give your body the required rest to burn and store energy for healthy body weight. It would be best if you started your breakfast at 08:00hrs in which you can take all the vital proteins necessary to keep your body healthy from inside. However, if you are planning to skip your breakfast, then you are more likely to feel exhausted or drained, which will also affect your metabolic rate. Thyroidectomy patients have to start their day with a protein-rich diet. Lunch is meant to fill up your bellies in which you can take carbohydrate and fat. Take your dinner at 20:00hrs, which should be simple and low in quantity.
  • Taking enough calories might be the only thing you need to kick start your metabolic rate. After Thyroidectomy, the regulatory bodies are removed from keeping metabolic rate optimized as per the requests. Therefore, your body requires metabolism to regulate body weight. So, to boost the metabolic rate, you should fulfil your calorie demands to start metabolism safely. On the other hand, most of the weight loss formulas focus on a calorie deficit diet to lower the hunger cravings but often end up losing metabolic strength to start weight loss naturally. These kinds of methods would ruin your RMR.
  • Start focusing on the protein sources in your daily diet. There are plenty of reasons to associate your metabolic rate with the dietary exchange limit. Protein is one of the essential resources in our diet. It is included in every possible dietary system for its excellent benefits. Moreover, it mainly helps in building muscles and burning calories during the post-meal period. It keeps our hunger cravings low trying to avoid overeating.
  • Don’t forget to take your fibres because it’s an essential part of your daily diet. It also helps to reinstate our metabolic rate by focusing on the food conversion rate within the body for healthy weight management. Researchers suggest that a high-fibre diet is often associated with weight loss for its metabolic effects. If you don’t know much about fibre-rich food, then ask dieticians to recommend some fibre-rich food items.
  • Try organic food free from harmful pollutants to enjoy healthy metabolism. In the city, people often end up buying meat, dairy products, and veggies full of harmful contaminants that will severely harm their bodies. I know staying organic and picking up the right food is hard, but you have to try for yourself. If you wish to continue eating such harmful food items, then you are more likely to expose some severe health conditions, for example, Type 2 Diabetes, Metabolic syndrome, weight obesity, etc. So to stay healthy, you have to opt for a different approach to pick your food.
  • Always stay hydrated to burn more calories than usual. Water is a rich source of staying hydrated and keeping your RMR up by 50%. After drinking water, the body’s metabolic rate will be increased by 30% to start burning calories for energy production. Always try to drink water before eating to suit your body requirements. So, please drink water and keep your body healthy.
  • Take all the crucial nutrients in your diet regularly. To start with weight management, metabolism boost, and energy production, you will need several essential nutrients in your daily diet. Vitamin B-12, B-1, and iron are crucial for the development of RMR. These vital nutrients will naturally boost the metabolic level to help with weight loss. To find out the essential nutrients required, you should take a dietary test to find out the lacking nutrients and should continue with the results recommendations. Following these vital steps would bring great results.


New Diet to boost metabolism after Thyroidectomy
New Diet to boost metabolism after Thyroidectomy


Tips to boost metabolism after Thyroidectomy

Thyroid patients often feel depressed towards weight management as they often lose confidence due to an overshadowed physique. The metabolism represents a variety of functions in our body, but the most important of them all is energy production. The slow metabolic rate would affect your body weight as it slows down energy production.

As a result, our body becomes obese and suffers from several health conditions. When our body burns slower calories, then it starts storing in the body. Thyroid patients often face slow metabolism after Thyroidectomy, which leads to obesity and overweight challenges. There are few tips which you can follow to boost metabolism without any side effects:

  1. Take thyroid medications for sufficient hormonal balance after thyroidectomy patients have to take synthetic hormone medication to mimic the nature of thyroid glands. These hormones are T4 (Thyroxine) and T3 (Triiodothyronine). Each of them has a different set of functions in metabolism. T4 is the inactive one, and T3 is the active hormone. Our thyroid glands produce both the hormones in normal functioning to assist metabolism. When thyroid glands are removed, then our body fails to control body weight due to slow metabolism. As a result, we become obese or overweight. That’s why it's essential to take your thyroid medications regularly.
  2. Start doing regular workouts to increase metabolism. Strength building and cardiovascular exercises will help you to build the core strength required to boost metabolism naturally. There are several workout training to help you with metabolism. You can try a variety of exercises depending upon your daily routine. However, keeping things simple with daily workout will give you a sustainable growth formula.
  3. Don’t starve to burn off calories because it adds a slow metabolic rate to the body. Diet holds a special place in weight loss results. Therefore, we need to take everything in our diet for staying fit & healthy. Starvation or a low carbohydrate diet might give you a short burst of fat loss, but if you continue to follow it till the end, then you will harm your metabolic level. Starvation diet programs will slow your metabolic rate. So, it’s essential to keep your diet as healthy as possible.
  4. Choose the right set of proteins in your diet. Metabolism is a crucial element in energy production and weight management. These tips are easy to follow and help you to maintain a healthy metabolic rate. Firstly, you have to take your diet seriously because resuming your metabolic level might be a bit difficult. Secondly, try to take a protein-rich diet at the right time.
  5. Consult your Doctors regularly and tell them about any changes in your diet as well in the body. Many people are looking forward to weight loss supplements to lose excess fat but fail to acknowledge the basics of weight management. So for them consulting your doctor for taking any supplements will be the best thing to do right now. Thyroid disorders require special attention and make the best use of their dietary changes.
  6. Get proper sleep to ease your challenges in weight management. However, this is a proven fact that loss of sleep or insomnia could slow your metabolic rate. So it's essential to take a sufficient amount of sleep necessary to relax your body and deliver health benefits. Most adults should sleep around 7-8hrs to wake up fresh. Follow a time table to keep track of your progress in real-time.


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How is safe boosting metabolism after Thyroidectomy?

Thyroidectomy is a safe procedure to treat thyroid disorders. But there are few safety precautions that your doctors should discuss with you. The most important is life after Thyroidectomy, which most of the patients skip in a hurry to treat thyroid disorders.

As a result, they are forced to live life as per the body requirements, which mean making drastic changes without even knowing about them at first. Safety doesn’t mean the success of Thyroidectomy but taking rational decisions to achieve the best of you after the surgery. Generally, we have to be more aware of our surgery and how it would affect our body?

Partial and complete thyroidectomies have remarkable results for the patient. If only a part of the thyroid gland is removed, then the remaining one will continue to optimize metabolism rate by releasing essential hormones.

On the other hand, if your entire thyroid is removed, then your body can’t produce hormones that will ultimately affect your body weight. Therefore, you have to replace the natural hormones with synthetic ones for survival. Thyroid medications are explained above with their primary task.

The tips shared in the article are well researched and drawn to the conclusion after public interactions. So, it’s essential to consider every element of Thyroidectomy and metabolism to ensure safety for the best results.



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