Drone X Pro Reviews: How To Use DroneX Pro, Specification, Features, Price, Manual Test

Drone X Pro Review
Drone X Pro Review

Drone X Pro: Innovation That Will Broaden Your Horizons

 The days of those big, bulky and expensive drones are over as with this technological marvel, you can achieve much more than you can gauge. Forget what you saw before and definitely stop worrying about extra luggage as the new Drone X Pro is not just pocket friendly but can actually, literally fit in your pocket. Let’s dig in to find out what all it has to offer.


Quadcopter Technology Redefined

The general idea behind this rotor craft is convenience and affordability.

  • Foldable rotor arms so you can easily carry it anywhere.
  • 3 different speed modes take the operability to another level.
  • Conquer the unexplored with Ultra-Wide Angle, HD camera.
  • Handle it like a pro with fine-tuned controls.


Flight performance technology has never been more precise yet simple, so this little quad-copter has a lot to offer than it promises. Imagine a small thing with an HD camera that can fly as high as you can imagine and yet it fits right in your pocket or backpack just like your smartphone.

Drone X Pro is all about portability so you can carry it anywhere and forget about the expenses because it is as cheap as it can get.

Drone X Pro
Drone X Pro



No False Promises Here

You must be wondering that how come a cutting-edge tech like this is being offered at such a low price? Think about it, if you love doing something that can help others to achieve their dreams, you’re basically fulfilling your own dreams.

The engineers who designed the Drone X Pro had the same ideology so they put their knowledge to good use and created something that virtually anyone can use.

It’s not always feasible to travel with heavy drones especially when you’re into adventure sports, art, photography or journalism. So, size was the obvious factor they targeted while designing this drone without compromising any critical features. Also, the idea is that profession should never become a barrier for anyone, so people can also use the little bird for leisure activities.

Everyone Is A Pro, They Just Don’t Know It Yet

It doesn’t matter if you are a selfie freak or into deep research, Drone X Pro is designed in such a manner that literally anyone can use it. With a range of over 150 feet, you can cover a lot of ground from the above and capture high-quality pictures and videos.  All you need to do is plug-in your smart phone, switch on the first-person view (FPV) and you’re ready to roll.

While the size does matter, weight also comes into picture especially when you’re on a serious mission. Don’t worry, this vertical bird is not just tiny, it’s as light as a feather. And since it’s made of ABS plastic, Drone X Pro can handle abrupt falls easily.

What all it has to Offer?

The deal is simply too good to let go as it comes with a remote control and charger. Simply install the app by scanning the QR code available in the user manual, charge the drone for about an hour and it’ll be ready for a lasting flight. The remote control is super easy to operate as all the drone functions are ergonomically placed.

Also, you can operate the drone from the mobile app by connecting to the Drone X Pro Wi-Fi network. Keep the drone near the smartphone and search for the drone SSID (e.g. WiFi-720p-***) and connect to it.

Launch the app on the smartphone and enter the “play” mode to start flying. While the controls are easy enough to understand, it’s better to go through the user manual to gain a better understanding.

Drone X Pro also requires a bit of assembling as the propellers are not installed by default. The user manual contains a thorough procedure for installing the blades, so it’s not a perilous task after all. Also, a screwdriver is given to easily set up the propellers which means that you don’t need to purchase anything else apart from what is being offered.

Drone X Pro Technical Specifications

  • Gravity Sensor: Avoid collisions as this drone is equipped with high-end sensors that can quickly detect ground & obstacles so that its 6-Axis gyroscope can adjust the course automatically.
  • High Definition Camera: The 720P camera is the crown jewel of this flexible bird and offers high resolution videos and pictures.
  • Unbelievable Flying Time: Give it a trickle charge and the drone can easily fly and shoot for up to 10 minutes flawlessly.
  • Relive the Moments: The replay mode offers high-definition highlights from the epic journey which was captured with this drone.
  • One Click Photo Sphere: Shoot amazing 360-degree pictures while flying with just a single click.
  • Feather Light: With the weight of 90g, it flies like a kite and is also protected against abrupt falls.

Users can also switch between high and low speed options along with one-key landing and take-off features. Also, the hover feature makes it a lot easier to capture clear pictures along with group photos or selfies while it’s great for landscape shots as well. The range of Drone X Pro is pretty impressive as it can easily cover around 150 feet.

One of the greatest advantages of Drone X Pro over other drones is that the app allows users to share the pictures and videos immediately. Whereas, most other drones are required to be connected to the computer which makes the whole sharing task a bit more complicated.


Use Drone X Pro for Almost Anything

Be research, journalism, photography, sport or home delivery, this quadcopter can take care virtually everything. Many research institutes study navigation, robotics, flight control theory, and real time systems. Photographers travel to faraway places to capture the one shot that matters. Journalists require an extra eye for the little details. Drone X Pro is a fully loaded tool for all such niches as it can deliver amazing results at a pretty reasonable cost.

Also, it can be used for scouting and surveillance which means it can also act as a security equipment. Apart for this, it can be used for transport small items within its range. The applications of Drone X Pro are endless and even if some of them sound a little farfetched, this drone is totally capable of performing unbelievable feats.

Also, beginners can explore a lot with this drone and grab a lot of opportunities in the field of art as it’s not just photography but various fields where Drone X Pro can come in handy.

Should You Buy the Drone X Pro?

The flexible bird is simply too good to resist. It’s small, easy to handle, and captures HD photos and videos. Also, it can be completely handled from a smartphone which means no extra equipment is required. The Drone X Pro can easily fit in any pocket or backpack and can be a perfect sport to make any journey worthwhile and memorable.

Users can reach out to the customer support without any hassle either via phone or email. Also, the FAQs page on the official website can help troubleshoot any major or minor problems.

While the battery life of Drone X Pro does account for a relatively shorter flight time, users can always carry a couple of extra lithium batteries for an extended flight. All in all, the vertical bird still offers some really fantastic features that are missing in most drones that are available at the moment. And, with such a slick price tag, Drone X Pro is literally a steal.

Why go for a Foldable Drone?

Well, let’s face it. Everyday new foldable drones keep on popping up in the market. This only means that people like this concept. And, why not? If you can easily carry a device that can capture amazing footage and photos on the go, why would you go for another which offers everything but can’t be carried as easily.

Also, bigger drones have their own purpose and not everyone can use them as easily as a foldable drone. Of course, the traditional drones are specifically designed to perform niche tasks and require some level of skill. This is one of the biggest reasons why Drone X Pro is virtually for everyone out there.

A trekker can simply capture the most amazing moments of their journey. A selfie freak can capture themselves and their group like a professional. And, a professional photographer can easily capture breathtaking photos and videos with this little bird.

Drone X Pro Special Discount and Offers

While most drones that offer so much easily cost around $400-$500, this amazing little bird is available for just $99 and there are also free give away offers on bulk orders. Users can also avail the free shipping offer from the official website.


Drone X Pro Price
Drone X Pro Price



The Drone X Pro is a complete package for beginners as well as professionals because of the mind-blowing features that come at such a reasonable price. Also, there is nothing to lose in giving it a try as the makers guarantee a complete refund. So, users can simply send it back if they don’t like it, however, if the company is offering complete refund, they are quite confident about their product.

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