Does Testosterone Make You Taller? (Testosterone and Height)

Does Testosterone Make You Taller
Does Testosterone Make You Taller

Does Testosterone Make You Taller or Affect Your Height?

Testosterone, being a major male hormone, is responsible for many masculine features. The moment a boy enters puberty, the rise of the testosterone hormone starts to bring change in his body. Also, it is the case for some girls with rare cases of increased testosterone. It is a sex hormone that is under research yet. All of the aspects of it have not been explored yet. So, naturally, many assumptions and theories are associated with this hormone. Among all of the theories, which is very common, it says that testosterone makes you taller than others. Is there truly any proven connection between testosterone and height? Do levels of testosterone affect height? Let’s know here. 

The Effects of Testosterone in Male Body:

Have you noticed how a boy’s voice starts changing through his puberty? The child-like softness in the voice is replaced with the deep masculine voice. It prominently distinguishes itself with its grave tone. Why does it happen? Well, the reason behind this change is the rise of testosterone. Along with the change in voice tone, testosterone affects the body and mind of an individual in many ways.

Although it is an androgen hormone or sex hormone present in males and females, it is usually dominant in males. Let’s know what the effects of this hormone in the body are. 

  • The Physical Effects 

As a major androgen hormone, testosterone is directly associated with sex drive in men along with the production of sperm. Also, it has many other effects on men. For example, it improves bones and muscle mass. It keeps them strong and stout. You can see the effect of testosterone mostly during puberty. 

First of all, it brings in a change in the voice. It also causes the growth of facial hair for men. The men with lower testosterone levels come up with less facial hair than others. Also, it causes the growth of body hair. In addition, the hormone helps in testicle and penis girth growth. As per different studies at various times, testosterone has a positive effect on heart health. 

Moreover, it improves the production of red blood cells. Thus, testosterone brings in multiple physical changes in men. In this way, men hold distinctive features with the emergence of testosterone. 

  • The Psychological Effects

As per a 2012 study done by NCBI or National Center of Biotechnology Information, testosterone can induce aggressive behavior in men. The aggression prevalent among animals may show up in men if any disorder in testosterone occurs. So, we can see how strongly it affects the mind and behavior. The major psychological effects of testosterone are- 

  • Improves sex drive or libido- The hormone is majorly responsible for bringing the sexual urge among men. It helps them to perform sexual intercourse with vigor.
  • Boosts self-esteem- The hormone is powerful enough to drive a sense of self-esteem into the mind.
  • Brings in confidence and vibrancy- The right testosterone level is good enough to keep you confident and cheerful in life.
  • Revitalizes the mood in men- Our psychological upheavals have no end. For men, testosterone improves their mood in men and makes them satisfied. 

Hence, testosterone has a wide range of effects on men. Now, let’s discuss whether testosterone and height are connected by any chance or not. 


Testosterone Affect Height



The Factors that Affect the Testosterone and Height

Certain factors we have in our body that affect our height. Here are the details.

  1. Genetic Quality: Our DNA is a vital factor that affects our height. As per the research, there are 700 unique genes. While some help to increase the growth, some cause low height. Hereditary health conditions like Marfan syndrome and Down syndrome can affect height significantly.
  2. Sex: Between a male and a female of the same age, the male tends to be taller than the other sex. However, exceptions are prevailing in society. The average height of men is about 69 inches, while the average female height is 63.6 inches. 
  3. Hormonal Effect: The hormones in our body are highly responsible for increasing height and improving growth. Majorly, the growth hormones produced in the pituitary gland are responsible for height and overall body growth. The children suffering from growth hormone deficiency often experience poor growth and low height issues. Although not like the growth hormones, sex hormones also affect height and body growth during puberty. 


How to Improve Height and Testosterone: 5 Tips to Follow

Many times, people ask if there is any way to increase height. If you get enough growth in your overall body, you will get your height increased. However, there is no such specific way to increase height. So, here are some tips that you have to follow to improve your body growth and health. 

  • Proper Nutrition: 

Enough amount of food balanced with all necessary ingredients is highly necessary. Ensure adequate fruits, vegetables, lentils, and other food ingredients enriched with protein, vitamins, and minerals. 

  • Regular Exercise:

It is necessary to keep your body on track of fitness always. Regular exercise makes your bones and muscles stronger than ever. And thus, it helps to improve the height as well. 

  • Enough Sleep:

Along with nutrition, adequate sleep is a must for body growth. A certain period of sound sleep keeps your pituitary glands and other nerves and glands active. Thus, it helps in secreting growth hormones properly. 

  • Specific foods: 

Some foods are there to stimulate your body growth and height: Ginger, pomegranate, onion, olive oil, oysters, fortified plant milk, and green vegetables. While ginger helps to improve the testosterone level, pomegranates help to improve the overall physical and mental health. Green vegetables are essential for healthy body growth. Olive oil plays a vital role in increasing the level of sex hormones. Overall, they help in the growth and development of the body. 

Avoid alcohol, canned foods, processed foods, etc., if you want your height to increase. 


Does Testosterone Affect Height: Some Frequently Asked Questions: 

  1. What is hypogonadism?

Hypogonadism is the inability of sexual organs to function properly. Both males and females can suffer from it. For females, it is the failure of ovaries, and for men, it is the failure of testes. It is a health condition in men when the testes fail to produce enough testosterone.

  1. What foods increase testosterone?

Along with testosterone supplements, the natural foods increasing testosterone are pomegranate, green vegetables, olive oil, onions, oysters, ginger, fish oil, etc.

  1. Which hormone is responsible for height?

Growth hormone present in the pituitary gland along with sex hormones is responsible for height. Also, genetic quality is highly significant in this matter. 

  1. Does hanging increase height?

Hanging can increase the height temporarily. It reduces spinal compression for a short period. And it is a factor that reduces our original height to a small extent. However, it cannot make you tall permanently. 

  1. Does height increase after 21?

Usually, height does not increase after you cross the age of 18-20 years. But, if there is any growth deficiency in early childhood, with proper medication, sometimes, the height can increase even after 21. 

  1. How can I increase my height fast?

To improve your height fast, you should do regular exercise and maintain a healthy, nutritious diet. Alongside this, you may have to take medications like health flow male enhancement pills or any over the counter testosterone supplements. 

  1. Can exercise increase testosterone?

Exercise can increase the level of testosterone as it helps in muscle building. Resistance training like weightlifting is the best way to increase testosterone. 

  1. Does exercise decrease testosterone? 

If you do excessive exercise, it may lead to a low testosterone level. 


The Bottom Line

So, in short, the increased levels of testosterone affect height. But, it depends on multiple factors. If you plan to take testosterone supplements to increase your height, consult with a doctor first. A specialist doctor can guide you well about the essential factors associated with it. Also, the doctor can tell if you have any existing health conditions or not. Thus, you can increase your height safely and securely.

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